Sid’s Kids is basically 1970’s punk tribute band which features guest singers from the original Toronto punk scene playing some great versions of those punk rock classics.  The core of the band is Marcel (Arson), Cleave Anderson (Battered Wives, Tyranna, Blue Rodeo plus more) and John Sampson (Weakerthens).  They play […]

Some thirty years later, the exuberant energy that the Rizillos bring to their shows hasn’t diminished.  People were glad all over and pogoed away to their favourite tunes.

The Sluts On 45 first official music video, “I Like You (Let’s Party)” was directed by Punks And Rockers’ Aldo Erdic.  The video release party was held at Rancho Relaxo and had people dancing along to the video and laughing at a blooper reel.  Then the Sluts hit the stage […]

Opening act the Dave Howard singers set the tone.  He was a staple of the 1980s Toronto punk-indie scene.  Lydia Lunch put on a great show playing intense versions of Jesus & The Jerks no-wave classics.

After 25 years, the intensity of a Swans show has not diminished. Pummeling rhythmns and brutal guitar shots over dark, forbodding lyrics sung in Michael Gira’s menacing vocal delivery left a lasting impression long after the show ended.

The semi-annual funding drive for CIUT was held this week, with listeners pledging to support their favourite shows.  The indominable Stephe Perry and his Equilizing X Distort have being doing tremendous job over the past few years.  Not only does he help program the show, he sets up the live […]

Talk – Action = 0 is what Joe Keithly and DOA were always about.  Joe was always involved in various causes and political actions and now, after 35 years, he has retired the band and will be taking his dedication to the next level.  After this farewell tour, Joe will […]

This was a very much anticipated show.  Toronto’s 1990’s punks Hockey Teeth opened up the show with some old style mayhem and got the crowd riled up.  When the Samoans hit the stage, the crowd and band gave it their all.  The aggressive assault combined with fast, melodic songs, got […]

Lola Dutronic features former Diodes drummer Richard Citroen on keyboards and Stephanie B on vocals.  They provide unique renditions of punk and new wave classics in the style of a cross between Tom Tom Club – Suicide – Serge Gainsbourg. Reminiscent of Nico, Stephanie’s haunting, midnight blue vocals add a […]

1980′s:  TORONTO HARDCORE From 1979 to the early 1980′s the Toronto punk scene was in transition.  The big break that many groups were probably hoping for never happened.  While the U.K. and New York scenes were considered the vanguards of the the punk movement, the Toronto scene was largely ignored […]