THE DIODES Reunion 2007

The Diodes were one of the important Toronto punk bands in 1977. They opened the city’s first punk club, the Crash ‘n’Burn, which in many ways catalyzed the scene and gave it focus. Now over 25 years after breaking up, they have reunited, played the Cavern Club in Liverpool two […]



Over 30 years after they recorded songs for their classic album Cyborgs Revisited, Hamilton’s Simply Saucer have reformed and begun recording a new Moneygram money transfer record. Here’s some live footage, filmed by ToBeScene’s Aldo Erdic, highlighting why they’ve been compared to Pink Floyd, Velvet Ungerground and 13th Floor Elevators.


B-GIRLS Live At White Orchid

North America’s first all girl punk bands were the Dishrags fromVancouverand the Curse and B Girls fromToronto.  Since last year, members from the B Girls have been playing with the Srewed, who themselves are made up of members from the Demics and Battered Wives.


THE VILETONES Last Pogo Jumps Again

ToBeScene’s Aldo Erdic has been invited on board as guest director for the feature film documentary The Last Pogo Jumps Again, Chacha Cha Cha. The film is by Colin Brunton who produced and directed the original Last Pogo film in 1978 (and then went on to successfully produce films like […]


THE MODS Step Out After 30 Years

The Mods are one of Toronto’s original punk bands from the Class of ’77. Featuring all original members, this was the first time the Mods played together in 25 years. But you never would’ve guessed it from their tight, energetic set The Mods stood out from the early Toronto punk […]


TEENAGE HEAD Play Healey’s

Teenage Head are one of Canada’s best known punk bands. The Hamilton, Ontario, band has been playing their version of rock’n’roll since 1974, well before the Ramones played their first show in Toronto. Thirty years later they’re still playing shows with 3 of their 4 original members. ToBeScene recorded their […]


THE VILETONES “Screaming Fist”

1977’s Toronto punk band the Viletones recently played a rare live radio session. ToBeScene’s Aldo Erdic filmed and edited the song “Screaming Fist”, which was recorded for the upcoming documentary The Last Pogo Jumps Again Chacha Cha Cha, directed by Colin Brunton (Roadkill, Highway 69, Hedwig). Steven Leckie: Vocals John […]


THE SCREWED & Toronto’s Punk Scene Originals

As part of the 30th anniversary of the Toronto punk and new wave scene, original members of those early bands have been joining the Screwed on stage to play some of the classic songs from those days. ToBeScene’s Aldo Erdic captured a lot of those cool performances, such as members […]