A new book about Frankie Venom and Teenage Head was release by Coach House Press.  The book is written by Geoff Pevere, writer for the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star.  Punks And Rockers was not able to attend the previous night’s book launch in Toronto, which featured special guests […]

Miracle Whip paid tribute to a great rock’n’roller and songwriter, Richard Carstens, former member of 1980’s bands Madhouse and Affaken.  He passed away suddenly last week.  Miracle Whip’s Mike Andrechuk, former fellow band member in Madhouse, performed a few of Richard’s best songs.

Original members from Toronto’s punk class of 1977 visited the CIUT studio.  The band is Screamin’ Sam and features Sam Ferrara on bass and vocals, Steve Koch on lead guitar, John Borra on rhythm guitar and Cleave Anderson on drums.  All these guys are a who’s who of the early […]

The Dream Syndicate were part of the 1980’s Paisley Underground, a neo-psychedelic like revival centred around Los Angeles, California.  The band broke up in 1989 but guitarist/songwriter Steve Wynn continued to make music throughout the years.  This show at the Garrison proved to be a terrific re-union show, featuring all […]

Jamie Problem from Problem Children and Chris Crash from Slander, both 1980’s Hamilton area punk bands, and the sound they drive in the Rezentments reflects back to those earlier bands.

William New first started Elvis Mondays in 1983 to show case up and coming indie bands.  The venues changed over the years, from the Beverley and Silver Dollar in the 1980’s to the El Mocambo in the 1990’s and the Drake since the early 2000’s.  And William’s commitment, eclectic tastes […]

Bryen Dunn invited Punks And Rockers to some of our videos at the Velvet Underground for one of his STAIN events.  It was a night of drag queens, Sluts On 45 and rock’n’roll corrupting the youth of today and old school punks.

Sid’s Kids is basically 1970’s punk tribute band which features guest singers from the original Toronto punk scene playing some great versions of those punk rock classics.  The core of the band is Marcel (Arson), Cleave Anderson (Battered Wives, Tyranna, Blue Rodeo plus more) and John Sampson (Weakerthens).  They play […]

Opening act the Dave Howard singers set the tone.  He was a staple of the 1980s Toronto punk-indie scene.  Lydia Lunch put on a great show playing intense versions of Jesus & The Jerks no-wave classics.

After 25 years, the intensity of a Swans show has not diminished. Pummeling rhythmns and brutal guitar shots over dark, forbodding lyrics sung in Michael Gira’s menacing vocal delivery left a lasting impression long after the show ended.