VILETONES Rare Performance

Aldo Erdic was at the Dakota Tavern to videotape a unique performance by the Screwed. The Screwed have been playing tribute to classic punk bands from the 1970’s for the past couple of years. On this night Steve Leckie from the Viletones joined them for a short set. Steve reformed […]


THE DEMIC’s Keith Whittaker CD Release

Keith Whittaker was the singer/songwriter from the seminal London, Ontario, punk band the Demics. Keith’s rough, brazen voice made their song “New York City” the Number One Canadian single of all time. Keith died of cancer in 1996. In the early 1990’s Keith recorded some acoustic demos with his friend […]


GURF MORLIX Dog Day Afternoon, Guelph

Texan singer songwriter Gurf Morlix performs a great version of Bob Dylan’s song “God On Our Side”. The song was written 40 years ago but the lyrics are as poignant as ever.  Originally from Buffalo, now living in Austin, Gurf spends his summers in northern Ontario, Canada. He recently played […]


THE BLUE DEMON’s Video Release Party

The saga of the Blue Demons battling the evil forces of Dr. Mysterion and the Wolfman continues in the Demons’ latest video “Empire Santo”, directed by ToBeScene’s Aldo Erdic. They say that a beast lives within each of us, and now the sinister Dr. Mysterion has discovered the secret to […]


HAMILTON C101.5 Radio Interview

Aldo Erdic was interviewed by Lou Molinaro from Mohawk College radio station C101.5 in Hamilton,O ntario. After meeting Aldo at the Cheetah Chrome show in Hamilton last month, Lou wanted to find out more about ToBeScene’s video projects. Aldo discussed his involvement in the Colin Brunton film The Last Pogo […]



The rock’n’roll party that is the King Khan BBQ Show more than loosened up the Toronto crowd at a recent show, what with King Khan getting into his Tina Turner outfit and BBQ playing his guitar so hard that his fingers were bleeding!! King Khan and BBQ are a dynamcic […]



Career Suicide blast out old school hardcore with an energy level that heats up any room they play. In January 2007, Martin Farkas (vocals), Jonah Falco (guitar), Matt Miller (bass), and Dave Brown (drums) squeezed into ToBeScene’s tiny studio space and got the walls rumblin’ and neighbours listening in whether […]



The current Toronto hardcore scene is marked by several bands that draw on the early 1980’s California sound. Brutal Knights have been together since 2001 and include Nick Flanagan (vocals) from Teen Crud Combo and Jon Sharron (guitar) from Hacksaw. Flanagan is also a stand up comedian and he brings […]


FUCKED UP at the Horseshoe Tavern

In the five years that Toronto’s Fucked Up have been around they have put out almost 30 releases, the bulk of which consisted of 7 inch singles.  In many ways they are catering to the vinyl collectors but at the same time they are building an aesthetic that draws imagery […]


THE Z-RAYS Live At ToBeScene

The Z-Rays are a high energy, all girl surf instrumental trio whose guitar twang has been heavily corrupted by playing every week for the past year at Planet Kensington, one of Toronto’s long established punk bars in the heart of Kensington Market. Whether it’s a handful of brave tourists or […]