FLIPPER Covers – Bush League/Anagram

Out of the early 1980’s US hardcore punk scene, Flipper were a unique band in that they tried to play their version of punk very slowly and with as much dissonant noise as possible. The band broke up in 1987, reformed briefly in 1992 and still play the occasional show […]


THE SCREWED & Toronto’s Punk Scene Originals

As part of the 30th anniversary of the Toronto punk and new wave scene, original members of those early bands have been joining the Screwed on stage to play some of the classic songs from those days. ToBeScene’s Aldo Erdic captured a lot of those cool performances, such as members […]


PENNY WHISTLETON Burlesque Vaudville

Burlesque Queen Penny Whistleton knocks ‘em dead at the Cameron House.  Also performing were Angelo Tony Luongo, Pimpinella and Helen Brodbeck with Mark Sepic Perform “Black Coffee”. Filmed live at ToBescenes 21st century Vaudeville show in May 11.  



The Blue Demons’ music video for the song “East Bay”, directed by ToBeScene’s Aldo Erdic, is the first in a series that will follow the Blue Demons as they fight off their arch enemies Dr. Mysterion and Wolfman. In this episode, Mysterion hypnotizes one of the Luchas to turn against […]



This video for the Blue Demons song “Casbah” was shot by ToBeScene director Aldo Erdic on a total budget of $24 (pizza and video tape). Follow the ghost of the Blue Demon as he haunts his lair. What is he searching for? Is he looking for the other Demons? Is […]