SYNOPSIS circa 1977: The Diodes

ABOUT THE FILM: Formed in October 1976, the Diodes were one of Canada’s first punk bands who, in the span of one year, opened Toronto’s first punk club, became the first Canadian punk band to sign with a major label and had their debut album released before the Sex Pistols […]


THE CURSE With The Existers

The Curse were not only Toronto’s first all girl punk band but also one of Canada’s first (and some would say North America’s first), along with the Dishrags from Vancouver and the B Girls from Toronto. Like many punk bands starting out in 1977, the Curse learned to play their […]


FUCKED UP “Crusades”

Here’s some footage that was shot during the Fucked Up Weekend in 2009, the big hardcore punk fest put on every Halloween by Fucked Up. Here’s the band playing their present day classic “Crusades”, recorded at the Kathedral which is now closed, a fallen victim to gentrification. Cameras: Aldo Erdic, […]



Promoter Dan Burke and the Silver Dollar paid tribute to Joy Division, one of the more important bands to emerge from the late 1970’s UKpunk scene. Joy Division originally started out as a Stooges influenced punk band and then, under the Factory Records label, quickly developed a postpunk sound that […]


THE DIODES Reunion 2007

The Diodes were one of the important Toronto punk bands in 1977. They opened the city’s first punk club, the Crash ‘n’Burn, which in many ways catalyzed the scene and gave it focus. Now over 25 years after breaking up, they have reunited, played the Cavern Club in Liverpool two […]


THE VILETONES “Backdoor To Hell”

The Viletones were at the forefront of the first wave of the Toronto punk movement in the late 1970’s. Lead by Steven Leckie (calling himself Nazi Dog back then), their antics and the violence that followed them caught the media’s attention on more than a few occasions. With two amazing […]