Punks And Rockers was on vacation in southwestern Utah and the Grand Canyon area.  We saw a cool rockabilly country band call the Cadillac Angels and they were our soundtrack as we drove around.  Highly recommend trip, especially Zion National Park.  Let us indulge with a quick video tour.

Bryen Dunn invited Punks And Rockers to some of our videos at the Velvet Underground for one of his STAIN events.  It was a night of drag queens, Sluts On 45 and rock’n’roll corrupting the youth of today and old school punks.

1980’s:  TORONTO HARDCORE From 1979 to the early 1980’s the Toronto punk scene was in transition.  The big break that many groups were probably hoping for never happened.  While the U.K. and New York scenes were considered the vanguards of the the punk movement, the Toronto scene was largely ignored […]


TORONTO 1980’s Punk Time Line

1979-80 Punk in transition, from old school to quirky New Wave to rockabilly.  Only the Viletones, Teenage Head and Forgotten Rebels played continuously in one form or the other into the 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000’s.  In the early to mid-1980’s, first wave bands splintered into new groups such as the Jitters (ex-Mods), Wayouts (ex-Tyranna), Australia […]



Aldo Erdic and Punks And Rockers held a video party at Scratched Lens Studio, which is home to contributing videographer and editor Candy Sass. This was a retrospective look at the videos that Aldo has created over the past 15 years, chronicling the Toronto punk and indie scene.


BLOODSHOT BILL Silver Dollar Show

Montreal’s Bloodshot Bill returned to the Silver Dollar and once again the one man band rockabilly sensation had the crowd shakin’ and hollerin’ all night long! Punks And Rockers has filmed Bill on several occassions throughout the years and it was great to add this one to the collection……Did someone […]



What better way to ease into Christmas than to spend a frosty afternoon listening to the Rizdales and friends at the small and cosey Graffiti’s Bar & Grill.  The festivities were kicked off by Ancient Chinese Secret, featuring ex-Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet guitarist Brian Connelly.  Their amazing surf […]


GARY LOURIS With The Sadies

Here’s Gary Louris, originally from the Jayhawks, playing the Mod Club on March 30, 2008. For his encore he was joined by members of Sadies and they performed “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere”, a song written by Bob Dylan, and made famous by The Byrds. Camera: Aldo Erdic & Kelly Truesdale […]


JOHN BORRA & SAM FERRARA Comunist’s Daughter

Toronto’s punk scene veterans John Borra and Sam Ferrera play a roots set every Sunday at the Communist’s Daughter, rain or shine……even on the night Toronto experienced it’s first major snow storm. And, yes, Sam is playing a slinky. Well, three of them welded together as one. Filming & Editing: […]


WANDA JACKSON 70th Birthday Party

The original rockabilly wild woman, Wanda Jackson, is still putting on shows with energy, class, style and a powerful voice that belies her age. In a ToBeScene exclusive, Aldo Erdic captured a song from her 70th birthday performance at the Cadillac Lounge on October 20, 2007 with London, Ontario’s the […]