Out of the early 1980’s US hardcore punk scene, Flipper were a unique band in that they tried to play their version of punk very slowly and with as much dissonant noise as possible. The band broke up in 1987, reformed briefly in 1992 and still play the occasional show to this day. They have influenced numerous post-post-post punk bands with their skewed, abrasive approach to music. Members from local bands Bush League and Anagram got together to pay tribute to Flipper at a house party this past April, belting out their versions of “The Way of the World”, “Sacrifice”, “Sex Bomb”, among others. It was an appropriately chaotic show with Darren from Bush League and Matt from Anagram doubling up on vocals and audience assault. Other members from Bush League were Mark on drums, Daniel on guitar and from Anagram, Willy on guitar and Clayton on bass. Here are some video clips from that crazy night.


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