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CIUT programmers try to raise funds for the station twice a year, but this current funding drive has a lot more importance.  The station has actually lost it’s main transmitter and is know broadcast at only 50 watts of power, which mean only people in the downtown core can get […]

Studio 3 at CIUT was treated to some sugar-sweet melodic punk with bite in the form of the Unbelievers.  The band is a three piece headed up by guitarist/songwriter Jen Unbe.  The band is from Toronto but is signed to Stumble Records out of St. Catharines.  For this session, Jen […]

Hormoans is a three piece playing some melodic, infectious rhythms, echoing 1980s post punk sounds of bands like Gang of Four, Fugazi and maybe even early Talking Heads.  In addition to the band, guitarist/vocalist Steve Sandhu also made a short documentary on Toronto punk-noise scene in 2012 called FEED.

Burial Permit throws out some heavy grindcore with an experimental side at times.  On the track “Sleep” they plug a portable cassette recorder with an iPhone to create some messed up noise.

Punk rock will always be around because there will always be someone from the next generation that will be drawn to it and will get what it’s all about.  VCR are four high school friends playing for the shear love it, bashing some catchy noise, having a good time and […]

Jamie Problem from Problem Children and Chris Crash from Slander, both 1980’s Hamilton area punk bands, and the sound they drive in the Rezentments reflects back to those earlier bands.

Sluts On 45s, Punks And Rockers favourite party band, filled Studio 3 with a blast of melodic punk, combined with bubbly energy and a lot of good laughs (in between songs).

Smooth Brain came up all the way from Cleaveland to record their CIUT session and put out a quick set of melodic, catchy songs with a punch, the majority of them done in one take only.