Cowboy Junkies

Here’s a little departure from the standard Punks And Rockers fair.  The meditative, relaxing music of DroneDoctor is on the opposite end of the punk spectrum. The band is made up of former Cowboy Junkie Jaro on accordion and John Timmins – the brother of Cowboy Junkie Michael Timmins – […]

1980’s:  TORONTO HARDCORE From 1979 to the early 1980’s the Toronto punk scene was in transition.  The big break that many groups were probably hoping for never happened.  While the U.K. and New York scenes were considered the vanguards of the the punk movement, the Toronto scene was largely ignored […]


DRONICA Live At ToBeScene

Dronica is a two piece experimental band made up of Jaroslaw Czerwinec from the Cowboy Junkies on accordion and Emma-O from Fidget on guitar. Their noisy ambient music utilizes live delays, effects, drones, and feedback, creating harmonics that bounce off each other to such an extent that the sounds being […]