Abyss is made up of members from Rammer, Column of Heaven, Purity Control and Legion666 and they deliver a heavy dose of grindcore.

S.H.I.T. is made up of members from Violent Future, Purity Control, Molested Youth, Owl Eyes, Urban Blight and such a lineage makes for a potent blast of intense hardcore played at breakneck speed.  The vocals the vocals are reminiscent of Bad Brains, maybe because the band is known to cover […]

The Sluts On 45 first official music video, “I Like You (Let’s Party)” was directed by Punks And Rockers’ Aldo Erdic.  The video release party was held at Rancho Relaxo and had people dancing along to the video and laughing at a blooper reel.  Then the Sluts hit the stage […]

The semi-annual funding drive for CIUT was held this week, with listeners pledging to support their favourite shows.  The indominable Stephe Perry and his Equilizing X Distort have being doing tremendous job over the past few years.  Not only does he help program the show, he sets up the live […]