The flashback to Toronto 1977 continued in 2008, with a special performance by the Ugly, featuring originally bassist Screamin’ Sam and drummer Tony Torcher. Steve Kotch, who played with the Demics and Viletones, filled in on guitar while Greg Dick, from the Dream Dates and Texas Dirtfuckers, had the daunting task of filling in for founding singer Mike Nightmare who died in 1997. Although they never reached the popularity level of their contemporaries the Viletones or Teenage Head, Mike Nightmare and the Ugly attained a local notoriety that rivaled that of Steven Leckie and the Viletones. Nightmare’s lyrics about fighting, stealing and assorted violence were a reflection of his lifestyle and always raised the tension level at their shows a notch or two as, apparently, Nightmare was frequently on the run from the cops. The Ugly often referred to their music as Hoodlum rock. Leckie and Nightmare clashed on several occasions with Leckie eventually convincing Sam and Tony to leave the Ugly and join the Viletones. A compilation CD put out by Other People’s Music in 1996 shows the Ugly to have a lot of substance and, at the very least, to be on the same level as bands from the CBGB’s scene inNew York. The ToBeScene crew captured this performance of the song “Disorder” at the Bovine Sex Club on August 12, 2008.

Cameras: Aldo Erdic, Nick Cushing, Kelly Truesdale
Editing: Aldo Erdic

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