The Von Drats celebrated their 7 inch single release at the Cadillac Lounge by having the recently reunited Wayouts open the show for them.  The Wayouts, named after the Flintstones band, were playing their infectious power pop between 1977 to 1981 when members of the Von Drats were bearly out of diapers.  The Wayouts’ 2008 lineup is the same as it was back then: guitarist Mike Andrechuk,  drummer Cleave Anderson and bassist Gerry Smith (then known as Johnny Bubblegum).  The band came together after Cleave’s and Gerry’s  previous band Tyranna broke up.  Tonights festivities were set in motion by the Wayouts walking out on stage wearing a combination of spaceman/genie/shaman costumes, follwed by the Wolfman singing the Wayouts’ theme song.  Once the Von Drats filled the small stage with all five members and a go-go dancer, the party was set into high gear.  The entertainment value of their catchy garge-surf frat rock was more than enhanced by the fact that all the Von Drats were dressed up as members of the Adams Family — mind you, a more grotesque version.  Aldo Erdic from ToBeScene and videographer Henry Martinuk were there to capture all the action.  You can view some clips on Henry’s YouTube channel.

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