Punks By Decade

This section sorts punk bands by the decade that they formed and which scene they were originally part of.  Even though bands may have been active throughout several decades (D.O.A., Teenage Head, No Means No, Buzzcocks, Killing Joke, Wire, Bad Religion, Jesus and Mary Chain, Supersuckers, Sonic Youth), only the first decade or two will be listed.

The first decade usually represents the years during which the band became better known or developed a higher profile.  It has no bearing on the year I filmed the band.  For example, I may have filmed the Buzzcocks in 2010 but they would be categorized as a 1970’s old school punk band.  That way when you’re searching for 1970’s bands they will only be part of that group/category.

1950-60’s before punk
1970’s bands
1980’s bands
1990’s bands
2000’s bands
2010’s bands
2020’s bands