Half of total cost must be paid up front.


Prices are for one  band performance, maximum 2 hours

Multi-camera Filming  (partial editing)
Up to 5 cameras $300
One song edited
YouTube posting
20 photos grabbed from 4K video

Filming only (editing not included)
1 camera $100
2 cameras $150

Additional Editing:
30 minutes of footage $150
60 minutes of footage $250
90 minutes of footage $350

Multi-camera edit of 1 song  (3-5 minutes):  $75


Complete package, filming with 5 cameras, editing, DVD authoring, professional menus, photo slideshow, band commentary, etc.

Set, crew, casting, lighting and other expenses are extra.

Edit samples together from 4-6 songs or performances.



EDITING $35 per hour

DVD AUTHORING $35 per hour

CONVERT OR UPLOAD VIDEOS To YouTube  $25 per video

VIDEO PROJECTOR RENTAL $60 per 4hr block


Want to get your name out there without corporate prices or attitude?

Coming from an independent film background, ToBeScene knows how to get the most bang from a buck for musicians, bands, artists and performers without compromising quality or creativity. We can produce professional, TV broadcast quality demo reels, promo videos and live concert or performance DVDs at surprisingly affordable prices. You can choose the level of editing, DVD authoring and internet video content you want to match whatever your budget may be.

Here are some more details on the above services:



ToBeScene will record your live show, performance, play or whatever event you’re involved with using up to five high definition cameras. A feed is usually obtained from the soundboard and is combined with the room audio from one or two camera’s to give a high quality audio recording. For an additional fee of $35/hr, footage from all cameras can be edited together for the entire show or select songs.

Or you can get the entire package for a flat fee of $700: filming, editing, DVD authoring. The complete, edited show will be mastered to DVD, ready for duplication. The DVD will contain advanced features such as professional motion menus, chapter selection, band commentary, a photo gallery, bio, press pages and any historical video footage that might be available. You can have as little or as much content as you want. ToBeScene can also create an internet version of any select songs from the show to upload to YouTube or help you spruce up your website with some video content.

If you do not want us to edit the footage, no problem. We’ll transfer the raw high definition files onto your external hardrive and, if desired, we can also provide you with a DVD containing complete, unedited footage from each camera used.



Suitable for film and theatre actors, comedians, performance artists, etc., looking to showcase video clips from the best of their film roles, projects or performances concisely and professionally on a DVD. We can create a demo reel using your existing video footage, whether it’s on DVD or VHS tape. You tell us which clips you want to use and in what order to arrange them and then we’ll do the rest!! We can even create an internet version of your demo reel. On the DVD, we can include a bio page and photo gallery as well. This is a great way to attract the attention of directors, producers, talent agents or to help you land that audition.



Suitable for photographers, painters, sculptors and other artists who would like to display photographs of their works as an interactive slide show within the DVD format. The viewer would be able to play the entire slideshow at once, skip from photo to photo or select specific photos. The DVD will include background music during the slideshow, a bio and contact page. For an additional fee, short video clips can also be added to the DVD and an internet version of the slideshow can be created. This is a great, low cost promotional tool that can help you get some media exposure, help you with grant submissions, gallery exihibits or even when looking for agent representation. ToBeScene’s price and quality of work can’t be beat!!

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