GORD LEWIS (Teenage Head)
Working with Aldo Edric has been one of the most pleasurable experiences of my career. When we meet it’s always a friendly hello with a smile and a genuine interest in what shape my career is taking. It’s always a comfort seeing Aldo at shows with a camera. I consider Aldo an associate and a friend. Someone who “gets it”. You can see and hear the love and passion he has for the artist and the music. I know whatever might be taking place is being documented by a professional, and more importantly to me as an artist, I know that I have access to the material if needed. He never fails to give me a copy of any work he has done that involves me, which invokes a complete feeling of trust and respect. It has come to the point now that I don’t even ask. I know the material is safe with Aldo and that’s fine with me.

DEAN “The Deaner” MURDOCH (FUBAR, Nightseeker)
Aldo/ToBeScene consistently release high quality, dynamite videos while maintaining a reputation founded on respect for the subject and a love for Rock and Roll. They have no equal in Toronto or anywhere! Aces!!

GERRY ALVAREZ (The Gerry Alvarez Odyssey, The Gruesomes )
Aldo can really capture a band’s sound as well as the rock scene. Truely knows Canadian rock and punk history.

CLEAVE ANDERSON (Sid’s Kids, The Screwed, Blue Rodeo)
I have worked with Aldo and ToBeScene on many projects and every experience has been a good one! He has always worked professionally, promptly and with my vision as his main concern. I believe his contribution to the Toronto punk rock scene is important!

JOHN BORRA (The John Borra Band, Change Of Heart, A Neon Rome)
Aldo’s enthusiasm for his subjects and the professionalism he brings to projects sets him apart from others documenting live music. The scope and volume of material he has covered over the past decade or so is also likely unmatched by anyone else covering the Toronto punk scene. And, he’s a fine fellow.

BOB BRYDEN (Christmas, Reign Ghost)
Aldo is the real deal. He can pull off whatever you want. We did a show at Sneaky Dee’s one time. It proved slightly momentous in that it was a one-off performance of older Reign Ghost and Christmas material by Toronto neo-psych band The Saffron Sect and myself. Aldo found out about it fairly late but rallied brilliantly and in true guerilla-film-making style captured the entire set superbly – with Liz Worth on a second camera even. He’ll definitely get return-business from me!
Thanks Aldo.

I hired ToBeScene Productions for a sports-themed video, and even though it was not the usual subject matter they came through with a final product that turned out better than I could have hoped for.

AL CROSS (Jordan John Band, Big Sugar, Jane Siberry Band)
Aldo is a very nice, sincere, decent human being, who is comfortable to be around, interesting to talk to, and very into it. He knows his stuff and has the experience. Watching his work I forget where I am, because I think I’m at the show. His camera goes in and takes me with him!

CRAIG DANIELS (The Bon, Tijuana Bibles, Leather Uppers)
Aldo and his crew were super pro and using a multi camera shoot with only two live run-throughs, they produced a great live video for my band The Bon. The editing was tight and suited the song and the live recording of the track was clear and hi-fi.

ANDY MEYERS (The Scenics)
Aldo is professional and a pleasure to work with. His eye flows skillfully across the stage. His camera work gets inside of the song.

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