63 Monroe & House of Haunt, Toronto 2020

A double dose of debauchery at Duffy’s Tavern:  House of Haunt & 63 Monroe.  What a line up…2 HEADLINING ACTS cos each one ruled the stage!

63 Monroe, London, Ontario, punk legends just can’t be tamed. Singer Steve R. Stunning, bass player Pete Dekoker led the original lineup with solid newcomer guitarists Nick McMillan & Brian McMillan who learned their first licks as an 8 year olds hanging out in the rehearsal space. That’s a rocknroll education that can’t be duplicated and wow did they ever teach them good. Dekoker and drummer Archie Gamble make for a solid rthym section. The band blasted out original classics like “High on Rebellion” with force and verve! They ended the set with barr none, the best Ramones covers tribute to be had!

Let’s lure 63 Monroe back to TORONTO! These guys played CBGBs in the 80s, as great as last night! We need them more than ever in 2020!

After 63 Monroe, audience members stapled flyers on a killer klown’s bare butt between sets.  No lives were lost, cos House of Haunt’s Sarah SURGEON (vocals and acrobatics) sold merch, scalpel ready, if the blood flowed.

House of Haunt’s scary set will play the soundtrack to your nightmare in a frenzy of dueling guitar and organ chords!  Invisible hands ruled the standup bass, fancy footwork and solid licks with Skull, Ratcliffe Turnpin, mummy zombie twins belted out psychobilly with a macabre twist that left us wanting more.

House of Haunt plays with White Cowbell Oaklahoma in Hamilton on January 18, 2020. GO!!!


63 Monroe

Vocals: Steve R. Stunning
Guitar: Nick McMillan & Brian McMillan
Bass: Pete Dekoker
Drums: Archie Gamble


The House of Haunt

Guitar, Vocals: Fang
Keyboards: The Red Duke
Bass: Skull
Drums: Ratcliffe Turnpin

Instagram @ thehouseofhaunt


Review by Mary J. Ankulak

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